Thursday Feb 2nd
Port Norfolk Rec Center
432 Broad Street 


The Port Norfolk Civic League is a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers from the neighborhood. Executive Officers are also volunteers elected annually by League members.

The Civic League strives to inform, unite and empower the residents of Port Norfolk while working to meet the civic, social, recreational and cultural needs of the neighborhood.The Port Norfolk Civic League,was established in 1976, to provide a forum for the discussion and resolution of issues important to our community.

The League serves as our representation at other public forums expressing our interests.

The objectives of the League are:

• To unite for cooperation and interchange of ideas

• To encourage participation of all interested individuals in the activities of the league

• To further the best interests of our community towards beautification, recreation, safety and security of residents

Please join us at the monthly meetings to participate in open forum, express your views, and cast your vote regarding issues that affect all of us. This is the process through which our neighborhood will stay a strong community, one where the residents know each other by name, share concern about each other's problems, and pull together in accomplishing our goals. Get the idea!


When you become a member, you are joining a cause for the greater good. Your concerns and ideas are heard. You have the opportunity to work with other civic-minded folks, and build the strongest, most cohesive community in Portsmouth-ultimately serving as a model for other neighborhoods.

It is important that YOU participate in this forum as it influences many actions and decisions that affect the entire neighborhood. League membership costs only $5 per person per year. This provides you with the opportunity to serve on various League committees and vote for League board members as well as on other League business. Membership is open to anyone who resided in the Port Norfolk neighborhood. For more information please come visit us at the next League meeting or print out this form and return it to our Membership Chair.


Projects and events are geared toward the community at large-to benefit individuals as well as families. Without realizing it, you may already be enjoying features of the neighborhood that are available to you at no cost, originated or facilitated by the Civic League.

One example is the transformation of our waterfront-a massive project conceived and managed completely by members of the Civic League and League’s Parks Committee.


The Civic League played a major role in supporting City Council during the fight for approval of the Pinners Point Connector-which would redirect tens of thousands of daily commuters then utilizing Historic Port Norfolk as their nearest access to Route 164. The new bridge immediately improved our quality of life- by clearing the air of toxic vehicle emissions, haltering further structural damage to our homes and roads, and adding to the incentive for upkeep and home renovations. The result? A safer community and long awaited opportunity for Port Norfolk to become the destination of choice for families and thriving businesses.


The Civic League joined forces with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Elizabeth River Project to generate awareness about the fragile habitat at our water’s edge. Members of the Parks Committee attended classes to learn how a common but noxious river weed was posing a dangerous threat to the balance of our wetlands by overtaking other important plant life. As neighbors convened to remove trash and debris left from years of neglect, educated professionals were enlisted to help eradicate the reed (known as Phragmites) and teach the Parks team how to restore the waterfront to a state of equilibrium by installing an oyster garden and by identifying the difference between weeds and vital plants.


The Civic League obtained approval from City Officials to install a paved pathway stretching five full city blocks along our slice of the riverfront. Reflection Walk became a reality, complete with elegant benches, decorative planters, streetlights and trash receptacles. The highlight of the project-known fondly as the Reflection Walk Arbor – is a cancer awareness park built to honor victims and survivors. Remembrance Bricks inscribed with personal messages have a permanent home and provide a solid foundation for this serene setting. A majestic bell stands tall and solemn, tolled by anyone wishing to express a struggle or triumph. This massive project was conceived, designed, constructed and installed by members of the Civic League and volunteer contractors. It was funded completely through donations from private citizens, neighboring businesses and fundraising efforts. Today a quiet and safe Bayview Boulevard is a favorite for nature lovers, dog walkers, cyclists and strollers.