Reflection Walk

Reflection Walk honors the families, friends and caregivers whose lives have been touched by cancer. It is a place that invites you to experience the beauty of nature and remember the blessing of good health. It is a place of hope for those newly diagnosed. There is seating along the Elizabeth River and in the memorial area to sit and reflect your life. Located in the circular memorial area is Mary Ellen's Bell - ring the bell three times to celebrate the end of treatments, to remember a loved one, or to bring hope for a cure for all.

Thursday Feb 2nd
Port Norfolk Rec Center
432 Broad Street 

The pathway that runs along the waterfront is an inspirational path that gives hope and comfort to those fighting the battle.

We invite you to purchase engraved bricks that will be placed in the memorial area under the gazebo. The proceeds will help maintain the park and promote cancer awareness.

Click here to download a memorial brick order form in PDF format

General donations can be sent to:

Port Norfolk Civic League - Reflection Walk
PO Box 7114
Portsmouth, VA 23707

Please make checks payable to the "Port Norfolk Parks Fund".

Do you have a suggestion or idea about how to improve Reflection Walk to make it better for our community?
Is there something you would like to see?
Do you have a concern to report?

Please send your comments or questions to Nicole Macaulay at

Your thoughts and input are greatly appreciated!

Dedicate a Reflection Walk Memorial Brick to a Loved One.

Now is the perfect time to express your love for a friend or family member who has suffered at the hands of cancer.

The Port Norfolk Civic League offers bricks, engraved to your specifications, that are professionally laid under the beautiful gazebo at Reflection Walk, overlooking the Elizabeth River. A brick dedication ceremony is held annually in the Spring for those who have purchased bricks for their friends and loved ones.

For more information, or to obtain an order form, please e-mail Nicole Macaulay at