Frequently Asked Questions

If I see suspicious activity, who do I call?

Call 911 or the Police non emergency number 757-393-5300 to report it.
Also, you can call / email John Higgins 535-2724 /Crimewatch Leader (

What day is trash pick up?

Trash pick up for our neighborhood is on Friday.

What do I do with the leaves from my yard?

Leaves are to be put out with your bulk trash and needs to be in clear plastic bags. If you put out your bags out front with bulk waste in white or black trash bags then they will not be picked up.

When is bulk trash pick up?

Bulk trash pickup is every Friday. Please place yard waste for bulk pickup out on Thursday evening to keep our community looking good.

What If I have an idea for a Fundraiser or event?

Bring it to our attention at the next league meeting as we would love to hear from you. Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at the Port Norfolk Recreation Center.

Who do I contact if I want to report graffiti/damage/broken street lights or other issues at Reflection Walk Park?

Contact Nicole Macaulay at

Frequently Requested Numbers

Animal Control Issues
(757) 393-8430

Code Violations

(757) 393-8522 ext. 4253

Zoning & Planning
Sampson Okafor
(757) 393-8836 ext. 4202

Trash/Bulk Pickup
(757) 393-8663

Parks and Recreation
(757) 393-8481

(757) 548-2256